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KidzWings is an online coding platform where kids learn to code and programming languages to develop applications, real games, graphics, animations, and more. Industry-leading experts help kids break the complexity of coding and develop next-generation applications.

Challenges and successes:

Kidzwings came to us to promote their website through digital marketing. The online coding field is gradually becoming competitive with new names and too good future promises for kids. So, we paid keen attention to the keyword research and planned proper marketing for them.

We helped the company achieve good followers with paid and organic advertisements and promoted their names to the targeted groups. Our digital marketing strategies generated leads for them, and they reached people with their easy-to-understand messages. We also worked on the engagements of these websites and improved their ranks on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

Since Kidzwings has true values and offers real promises for kids, they soon flourish in the field and grab the attention of people. They are happy with our works, and we are happy with their achievements.

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